Media & Production

What are we doing?


  • Trailer
  • Commercial Film
  • Generic and Music
  • Postsynching and subtitles

Visual Design

  • Design of Corporate Identity
  • Campaign Design Planning
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design

Let’s strengthen your brand together

Everyday more than 1 million users are watching over 5 million videos only on YouTube. Nowadays every sector, every business and everyone who has something to say needs a video.

We as a team present your corporate introductory video that includes the work you do, the message you want to give, your work system, professional approaches of your employees about work to you by quality shooting and with editing with high perception.

We are offering creative solutions about concept development, production and post production services. We enable you to step forward by getting shut of conventional videos with distinctive videos designed by our professional and creative team.

We are preparing videos addressing your potential customers in compliance with your target group. For us it is important that content we prepare should not bore the audience.

We get your opinion as we work together in the stages of montage and editing. In accordance   with the structure and style of your work, we buy licensed music and make editing in synchronous with music. If you want, we enable you to address your potential customers in different countries by adding postsynching to expression language. Except postsynching, we can also do essential emphasis with subtitle tapes.

Another important point for us is that prepared corporate videos should be HD format and openable in every device. We believe that visually high-quality works introduce you better.

We have so many references for corporate introduction. You can find them in our page of “Portfolio”.

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