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About Genius Exposition

A new aspect to exposition concept

The Expo sector brings along the responsibility of designing so much ideas and interaction arenas to employees besides organization work. We got started in 2019 to take correct steps to be one of the best in this field and be primary preference of people wanting professional services.

Aiming to “Create Value” we came together by saying “We have to raise awareness” before having formed our team. We are aware of, that ecology, nature and environmentally friendly technologies should be recognized.

We are sure that an innovator transformation is necessary in the expo sector. We will not be satisfied with the contribution of organizations with classic fair perception to this ecosystem. Environmental and territorial dimensions are also important for us.

It is our job to solve complex works with the most practical solutions.


Our Experience

Our team members have worked on long-termed international expo projects in different companies before  melting together to a new organisation. i.e. Genius Steps. As Genius Steps we continue to organize and support domestic and international events. We are targeting strong cooperations with global perspective, while being aware about local and international markets.

Our Vision and Mission

Our goal is to proceed, improve and develop by serving with the perfect solution to every single need. Every Genius Steps member has a focus on best possible results, because nobody has the time for doing things twice.


Organized Events

Electrical Driving Week

20-21 April 2019

Electrical Driving Week; It is customer focused weekend outdoor activity in which hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electrical automotive are introduced, their benefits are explained, and electrical vehicle is used.

This event was realized this year in between 20-21 April in Kemer Country-Forest Home.


Future Events

Our events are put in order in accordance with upcoming dates



Electric Vehicles (EV) and  Ecosystems Summit and Exposition

International Green Technology, Technology Services with Environmental Friendly Products, EV Technologies, EV Ecosystem, Renewable Energy, Ecologic Vehicles Summit and Exposition


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