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E.mission 0 – Electric Vehicles (EV ) Technologies and Ecosystems Summit and Exposition

Environment; It is common living space of not a state or some states but whole humanity. For this reason, the investment to environment is actually investment to human. To transform our planet into our home where we live together with the common sense of responsibility of all nations will be the most beautiful present left by human beings to future. We are on the brink of a big change approximately for 100 years thanks to automobiles never leaving us alone. Vehicles powered with electrical energy obtained from sustainable resources instead of fossil fuels are promising development for human beings against global warming with zero emission. In addition to reducing CO2 emission, the impacts of those vehicles being quite important to decrease noise pollution which people living in large cities are so familiar, are crystal-clear fact.

The future of automotive industry is now determined under the thumb of global climate changing and energy problems. Together with obtaining electric supply from renewable sources increasingly, electrical automobiles are offering environmental advantages in comparison with automobiles using traditional fuel.

Restrictions are exceeded in every new electrical automotive, journey toward ideal and even perfect electrical automotive are continuing.

Turkey is the Middle East door of environmentalist technologies, ecologic vehicles and technologies in terms of geopolitical and strategic in this respect. This location brings our country to an important position for these kinds of productions.

When paid attention to all of these, it is seen that electrical automotive is significant subject for the future of Turkey.

This sector brings along many enterprises opportunities. For such kind of transformation bringing along many advantages in terms of not only environment but also economy, it should not be late.

In the Summit of “E.mission 0”;

All regulations that are suitable for professional meetings will take place in those areas which brings ecological vehicles, home technologies and ecosystems of those together with renewable energies.

At the same time, exclusive stands are going to show hospitality to pacesetter firms, industry leadings and long-term partners of this activity.

Activity will have been the arena of international meetings whose theme is “Electric Vehicles Technologies and Ecosystems” for two days, and whole new and developing concepts related with Electric Vehicles Technologies are going to be discussed there.

Furthermore, it is aimed that leader producers’ alternative fueled vehicles are going to be showed to participators and visitors.

In this event, which is more than just a summit, professionalist persons, researchers, academicians, industrialists and those who concerned will find the opportunity to share future energies and technologies with conference, seminar and meetings by coming together.

In addition to that, an atmosphere in which information exchange will be enabled is going to be created and also various universities’ raising young people who will shape our future, will be given opportunity to introduce themselves in this field.

Together with all of these, our policy supporting global clean energy movement will provide us to take consistent steps for those kinds of developments in the world.

Nowadays and in this century that we are in, our carbon footprints in our world and supporting sustainable development are considered as a crucial issue for us.

Details of Event

Event Tag

Official Name: E.Mission 0 – Electric Vehicles (EV)  Technologies and Ecosystems Summit and Exposition
Event Date: 2020
Visiting Hours: 10:00 – 19:00
Entrance Fee: Only professional visitors are accepted. Entrance fee is 20 Turkish Liras for visitors who do not have invitation.
Catalog of the Event: Free
Frequency of the Exposition: Once a year
Organizer: Genius Steps Expo Organization Ser. Co. ltd.

Participant Profile

• Electric vehicles technologies
• Electrical automotive brands
• Electrical transportation vehicles
• Electric vehicles and shipping sectors
• Charging substructure / charging stations
• Battery production
• Accumulator, battery and storage systems and technologies
• Carbon retention and storage systems
• Mobile energy plants
• Network infrastructure and solutions for integration of renewable energy
• Technology companies
• Intelligent Vehicle Systems
• Intelligent transportation
• Autonomous driving technologies and systems
• Technology of Augmented Reality
• Others (materials, drivetrains, mechanic parts, constituent parts, mobility services)
• Auto interior design and accessories
• In-vehicle electronic accessories
• Mining companies processing mines like lithium and cobalt
• Clean energy systems
• Industry 4.0
• Banks and Finance
• Related associations, education institutions and publications

Profile of Visitors

• Relevant Sectors
• Engineers, designers and IT experts
• Agents from all home manufacturing supply chain
• Purchasing Managers
• Network operators
• Project developers, planners and assemblers
• General and Alternative Fueled Automotive Enthusiast
• Fleet manager and operators
• Ultimate consumers
• Authorized persons related with public transportation
• Government authorities
• Hotels, tourism, real estate, taxi services, vehicle sharing services
• City and society agents, urban planners
• Educators from relevant departments and students

Why should you join?

• The opportunity to increase your brand recognition
• Showing the newest production and technologies to target group
• Keeping up with sectoral development in Turkey and the world
• Conducting market research and customer analysis
• Strengthening images over corporate prestige and customer
• Strengthening current customer and dealer network

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