The Change Has Begun


First of all, we are a young company, and innovator as a team and also have a vision of advocating change. We are aware of that being a good team is the most important factor to be successful. Another important point: we are doing our job willingly. We also improve ourselves constantly to be better in our jobs. Progress, improvement and development are our missions. We aim to offer the best solution to the needs of the sector by constantly improving ourselves. When we take a step for change, there will be followers.

Supporting the development of our country and environmental development are important for us. When taking a decision about our work, economic, environmental and social dimensions of the subject are the points we pay attention.

We are a company focusing on improvements as Genius Steps and starting off with the principle of always being ahead of the day and aiming to be a prestigious brand in this path. Paying regard to our responsibilities in terms of environment and social is within our sine qua non. After all; “we are responsible for not only what we do but also what we do not do.”

We are learning from each other with professional and open-minded approach. We know that spirit of sharing is propulsive force to improve and develop all together. We are trying to carry on numerous good and favorable businesses. We know everything increases as it is shared.

Our door is always open to personal input and opinions. We do not have the culture of judgment, short communication lines, open and informal culture. According to us, every country and every culture are the ones who know the source of their own power better.

We are open to new ideas and change and turn criticism into an opportunity to improve ourselves by removing the obstacles in front of creativity. We are producing results by trying to predict the future.

It is important to be authentic in our works for us. We are attentive to keep the number of our customers in the level that we could provide the best service.

We are producing not excuse but solution by working in discipline and program. For us, “discipline is the factor turning potential into talent”.


Firstly, we are a young company, so is our DNA. We are innovator as a team and have a vision of advocating change.

We are aware of that being a good team is the most important factor to be successful. The most significant thing: we are really doing our work willingly.

Mustafa ATİK

General Manager

Nesrin MUTLU

Strategic Planning


Visual Director

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